Week 3-Blog: Media story about the events

It is quite interesting to make live coverage of an event. It provides you numerous privileges like enjoying the concert, meeting with the celebrities and also to share your experience your joy with the world.
Here, I will give out some important steps on how to make cover live events. I will take up two events, any competition activities and an award function as the events to be covered in Assignment 2.
A competition is a big thing to cover, and the steps are:
1. Set up a live blog event.
2. Cover for the highly interested audience
3. The use of Hash Tag must be done so that people can click and see the tweet streams.
4. Engage more people
5. Multiple people are to be engaged to cover the event
6. The shooting of photos and videos
7. Interactions with the competitors
8. Promotion of the event covered
9. Application of innovative strategies
10. Utilization of the same blog for the post-event stories
An award function is a big thing to cover, and the steps are:
1. Live blog to be set up
2. To cover the stories beyond the newspaper
3. Engage people and ask to provide their opinions and choices
4. Use descriptions and explanations
5. Provide some tea-time break to the audience
6. Promote the live blog in the social media
7. Make mew experiment to grab the attentions of the audiences
8. Commentary should be done
9. Proving the updates in a written format
10. A quick research of the facts must be done
Acquiring the attention of common mass about the event is one of the major goals that are to be achieved (Eventmanagerblog.com, 2016). Hence, meeting all of the above-mentioned criteria is essential.

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Eventmanagerblog.com (2016), How To Make Your Event More Interactive, available at: http://www.eventmanagerblog.com/make-your-event-more-interactive, [accessed on: 11 Aug, 2016]

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